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You've come a long way to get your college degree.

Yet you are finding it hard to secure a job.

Let us help you with that.

Our Job Coaching Model


Opportunity to identify the right job for you 

Learn through vocational exercises which careers would be the best fit based on interest and skills


1:1 career counseling support 

Meet directly with a job coach that will help guide you through the job identification process 


Framework with tools for career success 

Weekly sessions will help set goals and  establish a plan to achieve them


Build community with like-minded students

Meet other students with similar goals and share best practices for identifying career opportunities

Technology Class

Pilot Program Registration Is Opening Soon!

Fall 2022 Pilot Program

Our Mission

PRAUD aims to close the 85% unemployment gap among autistic college educated individuals by providing them with access to job coaching. Our goal is to increase awareness of autistic talent and normalize autism employment, by inspiring managers to hire a diverse workforce.

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