In the Classroom

What are the Fall 2022 Pilot Program dates?

The Fall 2022 Pilot Program will begin the week of August 22 and end the week of December 22. The program will feature weekly 1hr coaching sessions arranged according to the job coach and student schedule availability. There will be 15 sessions except during the weeks of  Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

What is the Fall 2022 Pilot Program format?

The program will run 100% online to ensure scalability and access to as many students as possible regardless of their location. Students will be encouraged to leverage zoom camera functionality, but it will not be enforced.

When will applicants be notified of selection decisions?

The application will launch during on April 2 and will be live until June 1. Candidates will be notified of selection decisions the first week of August.

What other programs besides the Fall 2022 Pilot will be available?

As of now, the only program available in 2022 will be our pilot program. We are building additional programming and hope to offer additional cohorts for Spring and Fall 2023 based on the feedback and KPI measurements we collect during the Fall.